ASMI Hair Oil

Ingredients : Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Linseed Oil, Tea tree Oil, Castor Oil

How To Use : Massage regularly on your Scalp & Hair Gently. Comb Your Hair
• Hair-fall control
• Improve Hair growth & Root Strength
• Dandruff Control
• Scalp Nourishment Make Hair Soft & Shine

ASMI Face Oil

Ingredients : Almond Oil, Sesame Oil

How To Use : Use at Night, Clean Your Face For Dry Skin
- Daily For Normal Skin - Alternative Day For Oily Skin - Twice a week Take 2 drops & apply on face upward directions
• Remove under eye dark circle
• Remove Skin Tanning
• Remove Dead Cells Wrinkles
• Rejuvenations Skin
• Increase Skin Glow, Smooth, Healthy

ASMI Body Oil

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Linseed Oil

How To Use : At night 10 ml take oil & Apply on full Body & Gently Massage For Better Results use twice a week.
• Remove Skin Tanning
• Remove dead cells & wrinkles
• Increase Skin Glow
• Smooth & Healthy Skin
• Keep Skin Young & Tight

ASMI Beard / Eyebrow Oil

Ingredients : Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil

How To Use:
Massage In Apposite Direction Regularly
• Fast & Even Hair Growth

Net Qty. : 50 ml MRP. 1200 Rs
Use Before : Mfg. & Marketed By Asmi Enterprises

ASMI Serum

A new serum that is taken every morning with lukewarm water , you will get rid of skin problems , your skin will be younger by 4 to 5 years... just as expected . Even for diseases like psoriasis or any skin problems , blackheads , darkening of the skin , pimples ect. Apply it on the affected area only twice a day. This product is definitely the best product of Asmi the Natural.